Title of the article

Building a true Pareto tuples in problems gipervektornogo ranking systems


Safronov Valeriy Vasil'evich doctor of technical scienсes, professor, senior researcher manager, Design department «Electropribor»

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The task of the systems hypervector ranging has been set. Theorems were formulated and proven, which allow to confirm the correctness of hypervector ranging task solution by using of the «hard» ranging method as a reference method. The concepts of the reference, true and pseudo Pareto tuples were introduced. The special criterion of building the true Pareto tuples was proposed, allowing to solve correctly the problems of hypervector ranging by using of different methods of multicriteria ranging. A numerical example was given

Key words

hypervector ranging, multicriteria task, criteria, reference, pseudo and true Pareto tuples

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